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Beacon & Accessory Kit - 8 pack (Red)

  • Red
  • One Size
    • Features:
      • The Large Beacon kit comes with 8 Red Beacon's, 8 Cone Adaptors, 8 Weighted Bases, 32 AA batteries and a large storage bag.
      • Professional uses include, DUI checkpoints, lane closures, traffic control, crowd control, LZ's, search and rescue and much more.
      • The beacons are durable, super bright, compact and environmentally friendly.
      • The Beacon is a safe alternative to traditional strike flares.
      • The Beacon won't ignite brush or spilled gasoline/oil and it won't burn the user.
      • It is environmentally friendly because it doesn't emit toxic fumes or pollute ground water and its reusable.
      • There are 2 modes: flash and steady.
      • In the flash mode, the battery life is up to 140+ hours.
      • In the steady mode, the battery life is up to 40+ hours.
      • The Beacon is easy to use, safe to store and saves you money.
      • This kit comes with Weighted Bases.
      • These can be used to add extra weight to the Beacon's to help keep them on the ground.
      • In addition, this kit also comes with Cone Adaptors.
      • These can be used to help light up a cone.
      • They can also be used with the weighted bases to create a 10' ground stand.
      • Elevating the Beacon makes it more visible, and less susceptible to being obstructed by snow, grass, or other objects.